Alien Experiments

In the very early days of our little startup, there was a lot of housekeeping that needed to be done. We needed chairs to sit on and things to write on, and somewhere to put a possible PS4. But before the furniture could be sourced and the whiteboards installed, there was a more immediate need for the laws of the Zap Zap Land to be laid down.

A meeting was called, of course, to determine what these governing principles would be. And out of the discourse came a thing of beauty – our core values. Ming, our lead artist, designed a poster and that, my friends, officiated everything. I mean, once you have a poster made, there’s no going back.

One of our core values is “kaizen”.

kai·zen /ˈkīzən/

noun • a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc.

Now, we take all our core values, very seriously. But kaizen really resonates with me, personally. Chasing that elusive unicorn within yourself always guarantees that you will improve, continuously. Giving alternate dimensions to your “work” makes sure you’re always finding renewed passion, even when the sprints are especially long and you’re, momentarily, feeling a little less brave.

Crafts and Kaizen

So I made a Mathling plushie.

Here’s a photo of our Mathling chilling at the whiteboard:

The mathling sits at the whiteboard and greets the work with a

And here’s a photo of our Mathling being meta:

A mathling plushie wearing a tshirt with a mathling on it. Always improving with kaizen.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”. Einstein said that.

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