Age Is Just A Number

Let Dracula and the gang from Hotel Transylvania show you that math doesn’t have to suck! Movie poster credit Youtube.

Falling in love is a part of growing up. You will fall in love with many things and many people throughout your life, from the adorable dog next door, to that book that grows old with you, to the girl that shares the same taste in music as you. But what if you fell in love with someone way, way older than you?

Love can be complicated when you don't do the math.

Love can be complicated when you don’t do the math. Image via Youtube.

Hotel Transylvania is about a boy named Johnny Loughran. He is a 21 year old backpacker who travels the world, and somehow find himself smack in the heart of a monster hotel. It is here that he meets the love of his life, Mavis. There are two problems though: Mavis is not just the daughter of Dracula, but she is also a lot older than Johnny. When they meet, Mavis is just about to celebrate her 118th birthday. What is the age difference between the two?

transylvania 1

A simple subtraction of 118 – 21 will show us that Mavis is 87 years older than Johnny. That’s a huge difference of almost a century! How many years are in a century, you ask? Here is a breakdown of days, years, months, and so on.

hotel transylvania 2

Taking Mavis’ and Johnny’s age difference, we can concur that Mavis is  8 decades and 7 years older than Johnny. Still, if there’s one thing we can learn from these two lovebirds, is that age is just a number, and love conquers numbers!

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