A Year’s Roundup of Zapzapmath Highlights & Moving Forward.

Zap Zap Math has had a remarkable 2015, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2016, with great hopes for our humble app to be a great aid not only to students, but parents and teachers as well. Before we charge forward into this new year, we’d like to also take a look back and review some highlights from 2015. Zap Zap Math’s co-founder and chief operating officer (COO), Goh I-Ming, shares a few notable moments on behalf of the team.

Featured on the Google Play Store and iOS Appstore

The app was launched officially in February of last year, and a total of 11 games were published so far. Ming states that one highlight from the year was being featured on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS Appstore (Download Zap Zap Math for FREE today!). Besides this, Zap Zap Math was also featured as the “Best New App” in 10 different countries.

First Hand Sampling Is Everything

A personal favourite highlight of Ming’s, was meeting with parents and kids at various different roadshows, which he says was “lots of fun”, and interacting with the true research analysts and testers of the game—children.

Zapping Out Game After Game!

As for a high-point in the professional sense, Ming says that the last two weeks of December were particularly memorable as the team created games for 10 math topics, a great feat for such a short amount of time which he feels really upped Team Zap Zap’s production capability and team spirit.

The Joy of Feedback, Good & Constructive.

A fond memory shared by the entire team is one where they were all seated around a computer, waiting to read the very first user feedback message about Zapzapmath. Since then, Ming and team have remained seriously committed to user feedback, and hopes to take user’s constructive comments into consideration to improve the app, as well as increase the engagement Team Zap Zap has with its end users.

The Path Ahead: An Interactive Learning Platform For All

While focus will remain on strengthening the app, there are also plans to launch a web component to function as a tool for teachers and parents to monitor their kid’s progress. We want to ensure that kids learn to fall in love with math, and see how integral it is to our lives, instead of merely a subject one has to pass in school. Moreover, we also would love for parents and teachers to be able to use Zapzapmath to track learning progress, reward good performance in children and foster interaction between teacher-and-students, parents-and-children.

It’s been an exciting product and personal development journey for Zapzapmath and we’d love to hear your feedback on our app. Download it today plus rate and/or review us… We’ll be waiting with bated breath! 😉

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