A Job Not to be Taken Lightly

Saving your home from someone who’s intent on destroying it is no easy feat, if not downright nuts. But the animals of Liberty Park were forced to do just that when the mayor of Oakton City had plans to build an amusement park right where they live.

Surly the squirrel and Buddy the rat are part of an inter-species group of residents of Liberty Park in Oakton City which include groundhogs, moles, mice, gophers and a pug named Precious.

A motley crew of little critters can’t possibly stand up to the weight of the bulldozers that have come to flatten their home! Or can they?

While they’re making plans on how to reclaim their home turf (and making sure that there are enough nuts to go around), let’s look at how each animal weighs compared to an actual bulldozer.

Losing your habitat: a weighty issue

The squirrels of the group are Surly and Andie. In real life, gray squirrels would weigh from 400 to 600 grams (let’s take an average of 500 grams).

A male rat like Buddy would weigh about 350 grams in real life. The average groundhog is a little heavier, weighing between two to four kilograms (assume an average of three kilograms). A mole would weigh about 75 grams, a mouse is typically about 40 to 45 grams (assume an average of 42.5 grams) and a gopher is about 230 grams. A pug, being a dog is the heaviest of the lot, weighing about 6.4 to 8.2 kilograms (take an average of 7.3 kilograms).

For comparison, we’ve selected the Caterpillar D9, one of the most popular bulldozer models in the world that weighs a whopping 49 tons!

He ain’t heavy, he’s Surly

Let’s look at all the animals’ weights in ascending order.


Here’s a closer look at how the weights stack up.


Whoa! A thousand grams make one kilogram, and 907 kilograms make up one ton! So at 49 tons, the bulldozer is certainly a whole lot heavier compared to all of the animals combined! Can each animal pull their weight and save their home, fueled only by nuts? It’s not a job for the nutty, that’s for sure! But don’t let that question weigh you down! Be sure to catch The Nut Job 2 at a cinema near you to find out!

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