Internship @ Visual Math Interactive

Every college or university student must go through their internship program in order to graduate. As for me, I am majoring in game design but I am leaning more towards the art side of things instead of programming and development. In the end, I chose Visual Math Interactive for my internship and here’s why: The […]

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Snacks: Crowdsourcing, Zapzapmath Style

Snacks and Restrictions Okay. It has to be said – budget cuts aren’t just a government thing. When our little startup began, we had a pretty decent amount of funds set aside for monthly snacks and rations. I have to admit, we really were basking in the well-stocked pantry glory, and it was nice. But as […]

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Knowledge-Based Learning

Knowledge based learning is a curricular approach that focuses on building students’ general knowledge, along with skills. The philosophy is based on the idea that strong reading comprehension is deeply connected to whether students understand the context of what they’re reading-recognizing vocabulary and concepts they’re already familiar with. The idea of knowledge-based learning is the […]

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