Gamification, G-A-M-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-N

Alright it’s Blogging time! Our art lead said I would surely pick gaming as my topic for blogging on Zap Zap Math this time, so guess what? He is half right! Today my thoughts on gaming is the Game that we can play in daily life: Gamification! Wiki’s definition: turning a non-game application into a game. […]

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How Visual Math Interactive produce an effective GDD

Every game development team must have a GDD to serve as a roadmap and guide for the development process. It is a best method to manage the game development team. In Visual Math Interactive, we have to produce GDD for every new game design. Here we share our experience on how we handle and manage […]

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Why it’s stupid to multitask, even on the weekend! (How I multitasked at Hearthstone & Fallout Shelter and made a mess of both!)

2015-06-22 10.26.52

Finally, it’s the weekend! And I decide to spend Friday night playing video games. The problem was I couldn’t decide which to play first, Hearthstone or Fallout Shelter. So i decided, YOLO, I’ll Play Hearthstone on my Mac and Fallout Shelter on my phone at the same time! I felt really productive for about 5 […]

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The importance of Game Design Document


Every game developer knows that a GDD is very crucial in game development. It is the best way to manage the development process. Besides this, it is a core subject when studying game design. If you are a solo developer who uses open source software and you have plenty of time, a GDD is less important because you […]

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Are you a fox or hedgehog?

fox and hedgehog looking at each other

We’ve heard a lot about the ancient parable of the fox and the hedgehog lately. And while its origins are somewhat ambiguous, the allegory has been applied to entrepreneurs. Taken from Ian Bell’s article, one of the fables goes something like this: A fox and a hedgehog were strolling through a country path. Periodically, they […]

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